C.U.T.C. INC. offers complete transportation consulting services with offices in all jurisdictions to better serve our clients needs. All documents are routed through the head office to be sure they are handled in an efficient and professional manner. Our staff processes your applications from beginning to end. We have a bilingual staff that can communicate easily on your behalf with the government bodies in Quebec.

We handle all the different aspects of the trucking industry. For example, we can help you set up your company and maintain its good standing in all states and provinces. We can offer you a wide variety of contacts in the field. The necessary time is spent with each client according to their needs.

Our company’s philosophy is to help carriers overcome the confusion that arises when dealing with the various regulatory bodies, each with their own, often complicated, rules for applications and maintaining operating authority. It is our mission to ensure our rates are the most reasonable for the full comprehensive services we provide.

 We strive to ensure all of our clients comply with the regulation and safety measures being enforced today. We believe in the importance of changing the bad image the trucking industry has been getting lately. Safety is the concern of the future.

Our main objective is to aid our customers in “cutting the red tape” by offering comprehensive, efficient services at reasonable rates. We assist new applicants in obtaining operating authority, and existing permit holders in dealing with all Canadian and American regulatory bodies.

We’ve been serving the transportation industry since 1989 and with every year we’ve been in business, C.U.T.C. INC. has discovered more and more ways we can ease the transportation headaches of our clients. Our services have expanded to include fuel tax applications, Unified Carrier Registration and temporary permits. If your company is experiencing a unique situation that prevents the movement of your goods across the border or into another province. Please let us assist you.

Give us a call. We would welcome the opportunity to review your operations and provide you with personalized and professional services to keep you operating legally.